Port Forward Network Utilities

Port Forward Network Utilities 3.3

Monitors, manages and ensures port forwarding
Get your ports forwarded by applying standard processes and controlling their implementation, updating data and solving any arising issues. Use the set of tools for diagnosing, troubleshooting, fixing the forwarding errors, accessing software and servers remotely, etc.

Port Forward Network Utilities is a handy suite of neat tools that helps you perform various network-related tasks. This suite includes the following utilities: a router detector, a port checker, a tool to make your IP address static or dynamic, and a powerful port forwarding tool.

The port forwarding tool is called PFConfig and also sold separately by the producer under this name. It’s a powerful application that lets you forward ports for any apps in a simple manner, with a single mouse click, and replaces the need to manually configure your network router each time a port forwarding task is necessary. PFConfig will open and close the ports automatically for you, anytime you need it to; therefore it also helps increase the security of your connections.

The Port Forward Network Utilities bundle also includes a handy tool that can change your IP address from a dynamic one to static and vice versa. This handy tool will automatically scan your network for available IP addresses and pick the best IP address and DNS server for you, so you don't have to do anything. Furthermore, it can save your network settings, being an excellent tool for network profile switching needs.

The open port checking tool is very reliable and delivers a very small number of false positives compared to other similar port checking tools. Last but not least, the router detector shows data about your router and helps you determine if you are double routered.

All these tools are not only very effective, but also easy-to-use. Their interfaces are intuitive and even beginners can use them.

In conclusion, Port Forward Network Utilities is a really useful suite that will help you solve plenty of otherwise bothering network-related jobs.

Margie Smeer
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  • Includes easy-to-use apps
  • The static IP address making app can also save network profiles
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